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Good decisions require good information. Here are some data out of Statistics Canada – as it applies to Western Nova Scotia.


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Below are some of reports being used to analyze the business climate or opportunities in the region. Click on a link to download.

Western REN Reports

Government Reports

Industry & Academic Reports

2017-2018 Western REN Business Plan

Plan d’affaires 2017-2018

2016-2017 Annual Report
2016 Western Regional Economic Profile Update
2016-2017 Western REN Business Plan    $1.14 Billion Strong: Indigenous Economic Performance in Atlantic Canada
Phase 1 Foreign Direct Investment Supply Chain Executive Summary Immigration to Atlantic Canada: Moving to the Future (Report of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration)
2015 Western Regional Strategic Plan We Choose Now: A Playbook for Nova Scotians Southwest Nova Scotia Weather Study 2014 Project Summary
2014 Western Regional Community Economic Profile Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians New Regulatory Framework for Low-Impact/High-Value Aquaculture 2014
2014 Digby-Yarmouth-Barrington Workforce Advantage Charting a Path for Growth: NS Tax and Regulatory Review South West Nova Scotia Temperature and Solar Radiation Study 2013
2014 Situational Analysis

Fiscal Year 2006-2017—Fourth Quarter Western Regional Labour Market Dashboard

This tool provides a quarterly summary of demographic and workforce data in the Western Region. Information is collected from Statistics Canada, the Labour Force Survey, Canada Revenue Agency, Career Resource Centres and various educational bodies from our region. It also contains local market insights captured by our staff, as well as our current priorities and interventions.

This document will be of use to local employers, innovators, foreign investors, and anyone else with a keen interest in our workforce.



Research Lead EDO Evan Nemeth