Business Plan 2016-2017

We Choose Now. 

Biz Plan Cover 2016-2017

These words – the title of a 10 year action plan built on the goals of the 2014 Ivany Report – have strongly influenced the Western REN’s 2016-2017 Business Plan. These words emphasize the critical elements required to turn around our province’s declining economy – our work is collective and proactive and it has already started! But the struggle is real.

The current economic situation of the Western region of Nova Scotia is impacted by many forces; some of which are well beyond our control – the price of oil, the value of a mink pelt, and the low Canadian dollar are all subject to broader global influences. Also, our declining and aging population has multiple impacts on available work force/consumer base and on our municipalities’ abilities to bankroll much needed infrastructure improvements.

But where there are challenges, there are opportunities. 

Business Plan 2016-2017 notes opportunities that many of our regions’ business partners and municipal units are already working to realize – and the plan outlines some of how the Western REN will be supporting their work. Our plan recognizes that there is no silver bullet to fix our situation – this will take work and more importantly it will take working together. So, to say again:

We – the business support sector, private sector, and government sectors –

Choose – to be innovative, willing to take risks, and act –