Summit Outcomes

Two weeks go by quickly – don’t they? On March 30th, we hosted our 2nd Annual Stakeholders’ Summit and over 80 participants came up with action ideas to answer the question: What can the region do to help?

Subjects included Rural Internet, Transportation, Event Tourism, Seafood, Mink, and Renewable Energy; and action ideas ranged widely. Some suggested filling very specific information needs, while others talked about ways to build trust within and across industries.

The Western REN is now combing through all recorded action ideas and those that fit within our Regional Economic Development Strategy and Business Plan are being incorporated into our work plans. As for action ideas that do not fall within our focus, we will present them to partners already working in those areas.

Regional Economic Development is a team effort and only through active partnerships and innovative thinking will we be able to revitalize the economy in Southwest Nova. We extend our thanks to the people who came out to the Summit and – especially – to those who agreed to help become champions for our regional economy.