Your turn

Informing, Connecting, and Accelerating means we listen at least as much as we speak.

By listening to business owners, we identify their information, contact, and support needs.
By listening governments, we gather and share information about programs, funding sources, training opportunities, and more.
By listening to business organizations, we ensure that we are filling gaps rather than duplicating efforts.
By listening to community-minded people we encounter every day, we know that our work for the regional economy must align with regional values.

This is where you come in! 

Every other month, we issue an email newsletter which includes a short survey. These surveys are used to inform our efforts with information about what is important to business and community members. We will never release personal information and the surveys will never be very long or difficult.

Be certain you get our newsletter by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, or directly subscribing to our newsletter.

Let us know what you think of our newsletter and subjects you would like to see included by contacting us by email or call 902-881-3008.